2019 Rummage Sale

Ken Hansen

Over the June 21–23 weekend, the High Prairie Community Council sponsored the second annual Community Rummage Sale. About 26 families participated, combining with their neighbors into about 12 different homes. Several High Prairie families managed tables at the Community Center. 

On Friday morning, with my map in hand (excellent job!), I made the pilgrimage through the neighborhood. I missed a couple of neighbors, with whom I followed up on Saturday. It was special to meet a couple new neighbors (and sort through their stuff). 

I have to admit, I felt a bit ghoulish, sorting through the “sortings” of those whom we will soon be missing. (Although with this reading, my bride Deb will learn I not only bought Keiko and Jim’s Folboat-—not leaving—but Ward and Roberta’s boat as well…)

All considered, this was declared a success. The signage and flashy dependable-wind-driven pom-poms directed the traffic in, and ruffled a few tables on Saturday and Sunday. 

While not intended to be a “fund raiser”, this event will bring in some minor receipts. A special “Thank You” to Audrey and Myrin Bentz for not only covering the kitchen and selling food in support of the map-distribution and sales, but also donating the proceeds of their personal sales to HPCC. They have been stalwart supporters of High Prairie. While they are not moving far, their void in the community will be noticeable. 

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