A Feast for the Eyes

Jocelyn Weeks

I was asked to share a few of my photos. I tend to take a lot of sunrises and sunsets. The first two are of a sunrise I took on March 8th of this year. The third is an amazing sunset from just a few days ago, June 20. The last three are of two Moths and one Butterfly, which I took earlier this Spring. The first is an Antheraea polohemous (Silk Moth). It’s somewhat rare, likes the oaks. The second is Gamma ornata (Tiger Moth), considered rare, only occupies grasslands of the Pacific Northwest. The third is an Indra Swallowtail, considered rare. The larvae are most likely laid on Grey’s Biscuitroot – another one that likes grasslands. I realized I know next to nothing about the flora and fauna of High Prairie and am trying to learn more. Seems like a lot of interesting bugs are showing up this year or….I just starting to pay attention to them… This place is a feast for the eyes!!! 

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