A High Prairie Farewell – November 2019

Lozetta Doll

Tom often said he married a Gypsy who was always ready for the next move and the next adventure. Upon moving here in 2000, however, the restlessness that I seemingly inherited from my father seemed to dwindle in the beauty of the High Prairie area. Looking back though, I wish we had taken more time to just sit on the deck and look out at the mountain and canyons. Like a lot of us I suppose, we didn’t appreciate well enough the ordinary days of our lives. 

Even though we hated the thought of leaving, we came to the realization a couple years ago that it was becoming too much work for us. So, after having our place on the market for two years, at the worst possible time, I accepted an offer on the house. I knew that I couldn’t stay here by myself and didn’t want to be a burden on family, friends and neighbors. 

The last few months have been difficult to say the least with too much to do in a very short time. I am sorry I couldn’t tell everyone goodbye like I wished. I plan to be taking up a vagabond life with six months every year in La Paz, Mexico and the other six months with family in Idaho and Montana while doing some additional traveling. I will get back to High Prairie as often as I can and hope to keep in contact with many of you. 

For the time being, I will be getting mail at my daughter’s place, 11883 N. Meadowwood Lane, Hayden, ID  83835. My new email address is lozbdoll@gmail.com. My cell phone is (503) 507-5326. 

P. S. From La Paz – January 2020: 

Hard to believe that I have been here in La Paz for over a month. I am missing Tom of course but I would be doing that anywhere, and I am OK. I am lucky that Tom and I had a plan for after the house sold and that the plan is working for me. Also lucky that we have a good number of friends and acquaintances here and a variety of things to do. 

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