Announcing New Publishing Dates For 2020:

Beginning with this issue, the High Prairian will be published during the first month of each quarter. That means you’ll see new issues in January, April, July, and October.

The change was made for several reasons, among them the difficulty in putting out the newsletter during the holiday season. Starting with Thanksgiving everyone’s attention is on the holidays, and the days fill up with extra activities. It’s much easier in January. We also look forward to the High Prairian matching the seasons better. Gardening articles in April are more helpful than in March, for example, and an October issue can really celebrate Autumn.

If you have a subscription for printed copies to be mailed to you, your subscription will be shifted to the new schedule, so you won’t miss a thing. (If you don’t, but you’d like to receive printed copies, it’s only $5 a year. Check out the subscription information on page 2.)

We want to thank everyone for their continuing interest in the High Prairian. Your enjoyment makes our efforts worthwhile. We’d also like to thank the High Prairie Community Council for helping support the newsletter. Special thanks to Cindy Henchell, who does such an excellent job of turning our various articles, announcements, poems, photos, and recipes into an attractive, professional publication. Thank you all.

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