Tom McMackin COVID-19… one of Nature’s realities in our lives has come home to roost! Current events on the World’s stage illustrate the importance of considering potential risks and preparing for those risks with pre-planning, preparation and commitment to act … Continue reading


Douglas Taylor The High Prairian, March 2005 For me spring is the grandest season of the year on High Prairie. I enjoy the magnificent array of wildflowers with the distant views of the many snow-capped mountains. The newborn animals and newly … Continue reading

A Goodbye

Lozetta Doll I’m going to quit tryingTo keep upWith the changesIn my life. I’m a wifeAnd then I’m not.I’m a homeownerAnd then I’m not. I’m a neighborWith no neighbors,A parishionerWith no parish. One day I’m inLa Paz casuallyWalking the MaleconMaking … Continue reading