Douglas Taylor The High Prairian, March 2005 For me spring is the grandest season of the year on High Prairie. I enjoy the magnificent array of wildflowers with the distant views of the many snow-capped mountains. The newborn animals and newly … Continue reading

A Goodbye

Lozetta Doll I’m going to quit tryingTo keep upWith the changesIn my life. I’m a wifeAnd then I’m not.I’m a homeownerAnd then I’m not. I’m a neighborWith no neighbors,A parishionerWith no parish. One day I’m inLa Paz casuallyWalking the MaleconMaking … Continue reading

Fly Boys

Rebecca Sonniksen  The High Prairie Chapter of the MAMA Club (Men’s Action Movie Association) took its first off-site meeting August 23 to Paine Field Airport in Everett, Washington. Members of the newly formed chapter, which originated in Portland, include Scott … Continue reading