Bentz’s Are Moving

Audrey Bentz

We (Myrin and Audrey Bentz) purchased 0.8 acre in Dallesport for out retirement home and duplex. Most of it turned out to be wet lands so the Deptartment Of Ecology required us to plan 200 native trees/plants in most of the property. A raised corner was okayed for the house. 

March was scheduled to plant but was covered with snow. April came and we found we had “lakeside” property. May flew by so we celebrated our 63rd wedding anniversary on 6/2 planting starts from Humble Roots above Mosier. We had a big group help, led by Bill Weiler of High Prairie. There will be plants for birds, for butterflies and guests to enjoy. 

In a few months or next year come by to see our new abode!  215 D Street, Dallesport WA!

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  1. Happy Holidays Myrin & Audrey,
    I’ve been thinking about you & tried calling your old phone number, which didn’t work? So googled & found this 2019 message that y’all were going to build in Dallesport!.
    We stayed at Morning Song for Oktoberfest a few times, along with Chris and Tom Byrne &Tim and Thresa McCarley and 3 boys (now in college along with our son, Matthew Ewing). You used my photos on your website! Hopefully we can reconnect! Blessings, Jim & Maryann Ewing xoxo

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