Vintage Quilt Festival FAQ’s

Q. What is the Vintage Quilt Festival?

A. It’s a show and sale of over 70 vintage quilts, plus lots more. The quilts will be on display throughout the day, and will be raffled, silent-auctioned, and sold. There will also be live music by local artists from 10 o’clock on. Food will be available for purchase, and there will be craft and other kinds of booths.

Q. When is the Festival?

A. Saturday, June 16, 2018, from 9 am to 6 pm. 

Q. Where is the Festival being held?

A. At the High Prairie Community Center, 701 Struck Road, Lyle, Washington. That’s just off Centerville Highway, about 7 miles north of Lyle. Look for signs that you can follow to get to the Festival.

Q. Are there driving directions to the Community Center?

A. Driving directions from Lyle and from Highway 97:

From Lyle, turn north between the gas station and the Country Cafe and follow Centerville Highway to the west end of Struck Road. There will be lots of signs you can follow. Turn left on Struck Road and drive a short distance to the Community Center on the left. The parking entrance is at the driveway before you get to the building itself.

From Highway 97, turn onto Centerville Highway about 4 miles south of Goldendale. Take Centerville Highway until you get to the east end of Struck Road. There will be signs to follow along the way and at Struck Road. Turn right onto Struck Road and drive a short distance to the Community Center on the right. Drive past the building to the parking entrance at the second driveway.

Q. Will direct sale of the quilts start right at 9 a.m. when the sale opens? When will the silent auction start and end? When will the quilt raffles be held?

A. The Buy-It-Now direct sale will not start until 9:30 a.m. to give some time for everyone to view the items before making purchases. The silent auction will start at 9 a.m. as soon as the doors open, and close at 5:15 p.m. Drawings for the three quilts being raffled will take place at 5 p.m. Raffle tickets will be available all day at the Festival until just before the drawings.

Q. I’m not into quilts that much. Is there anything for people like me?

A. YES! It’s going to be a fun, relaxed day. People will be there soaking up the summer day and the outdoor music. Even the non-experts at quilts can enjoy and admire the multiple styles, sizes, and color combinations of the quilts and appreciate the time and hand work that went into many. Maybe you’ll even find one you like well enough to buy a few raffle tickets or to put in a bid. You can munch down a festival lunch of a burger or sausage sandwich and a root beer float. A little wandering around the vendor tables (and maybe taking home a treasure or two) will round out the day.

Q. Who will be performing music at the Festival?

A. Here’s the musical lineup: 10 to noon — The Pearson Family (Americana); 12 to 3 — James Andrews (Classic Acoustic Rock); 3 to 6 — Neil Mangrum and Friends (Bluegrass); throughout the day — Audrey Bentz (Standards)

Q. I thought I heard there was going to be online bidding on some of the quilts.

A. Unfortunately, due to last-minute technical problems, the online bidding is not going to be available.

Q. I’d like to have a vendor booth at the Festival. Who do I contact to find out about it or to sign up?

A. Contact Sharon Aleckson at 509-365-4429 or Barb Parrish at 509-281-0933.

Q. I’m a vegetarian. Will there be anything I can eat at the Festival?

A. Yes, the menu includes vegan sausages and burgers, as well as regular hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and Polish dogs. Also root beer floats and other beverages.

Q. Where did all the quilts come from?

A. The woman behind the Quilt Festival, Diane Cazalet, is an antique collector. She had been purchasing quilts for years and had amassed quite a collection. Diane came up with the idea of donating them and having the Vintage Quilt Festival as a way to raise money for the community. Once the event began gathering steam, others also donated quilts to the cause. [To read Diane’s open letter talking about her feelings for the High Prairie Community and how she came up with this idea, see her May 30, 2018, blog post on the home page.]

Q. What will the money from the sale of the quilts be used for?

A. All of the profits from all the Festival activities will go to the High Prairie Fire District and the High Prairie Community Center. It will help the Fire District buy needed equipment, and it will support the upkeep and operation of the Community Center. Costs are being kept as low as possible to maximize the value of the Festival event.

Q. I’d like to make a monetary donation. Who should I give the money to?

A. The High Prairie Community Council is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization, so donations are tax deductible. There are 3 ways to make a donation:

There will be a container for donations at the entrance to the Community Center.

You can write a check to High Prairie Community Council and mail it to Quilt Festival, c/o HPCC, PO Box 592, Lyle, Washington, 98635. If you want a receipt for tax purposes, please include a request in with your donation, and be sure it includes your return address.

You can hand deliver your donation to Sharon Aleckson (HPCC Vice-President) or Barb Parrish (HPCC Secretary). If you want a receipt for tax purposes, ask Sharon or Barb to have one sent to you when you hand your donation to them. Please make sure they have your address.

Q. Why do donations go to High Prairie Community Council when the proceeds of the fundraiser are supposed to be for the Fire District and the Community Center?

A. HPCC is sponsoring the fundraiser and providing seed money for expenses. By agreement with the organizers, HPCC will handle the proceeds and donations, and later disburse the funds. Some of the money will to to the Fire District; some will remain with HPCC, because it is the organization that operates the Community Center.