Fire Chief Tim Darland 

We are not completely out of the woods yet, but we have been very fortunate to keep wild land fires at bay this summer on the Prairie. This certainly does not mean our firefighters haven’t been busy. The High Prairie Fire Department has responded to 74 calls as of September 15 and is on track for a normal call volume this calendar year. 

I wanted to send a few reminders as we traverse into the fall season. 

Washington Surveying Ratings Bureau (WSRB) has adjusted the Protection Class (PC) ratings for those residents within 5 road miles of Station 2 located at 288 Schilling Rd. The new PC 8A rating will take effect as of August 1, 2019. This is the same rating that residents receive within 5 road miles of Station 1 located at Struck Rd. Be sure to check with your home owner’s insurance company to ensure you are receiving the PC 8A rating for a reduced rate. 

The burn ban remains in place until midnight September 30. After that, please follow the outdoor burning requirements listed below. In the event the Fire Department gets called to an out of control burn pile, firefighters will be assessing the scene to ensure all outdoor burning requirements have been met. You may be responsible to pay costs if your burn pile is extinguished by the Fire Department.

Outdoor Burning Requirements: 

1. Fire size no larger than 10 foot diameter, only burn one pile at a time. 

2. Minimum five (5) gallons water, shovel, fire extinguisher and/or charged garden hose. 

3. Fire is built on bare soil. 

4. Debris that can be burned: natural wood products, non-treated lumber scraps, trimmings, clippings, and natural vegetation. (Citations are issued due to this violation in Klickitat Co.) 

5. Ditch and fence line burning can be done in 10’ X 10’ sections at a time with adequate water to put out area burned. The next 10’ X 10’ section can then be lit. Caution: Must have containment lines such as roads, driveways, plowed fields, or hand trails down to mineral soil. 

6. Burn barrels are not approved. WAC 173-425. (Citations are issued due to this violation in Klickitat Co.) 

7. In the event of air inversions, it is recommended by DOE to monitor media coverage for our area. If an inversion has occurred, stop burning until DOE has lifted restrictions. 

(For more information, contact DOE 1-800-406-5322. Website: http://www.ecy.

8. Agriculture burns must be approved by DOE by calling 1-509-575-2490. 

9. Minimum of 50 feet from any structure. 

10. Fire must be attended to at all times. 

If an outdoor fire started by you escapes, you may be responsible for paying costs associated with the extinguishment of that fire. 

On a personal note, I want to send condolences to the family and friends of Gwen Berry, Glenna Scott and Lozetta Doll. My heart goes out to each of you for your loss. 

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