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The High Prairie Fire Department responded to 119 incidents in 2020. To date in 2021, we have had 6 incidents.

Our COVID-19 protocols are still in effect for our responses to page-outs and departmental activities, with masks and/or social distance norms followed to minimize any risk. Our firefighters are counted in the Phase 1 roll-out of the current COVID-19 vaccines. The choice to participate, like the choice to respond, given the current COVID-19 situation, remains with our individual members. Their decisions, based on their personal, home, and work responsibilities, are fully supported by the department. KCFPD 14’s officers and EMS responders have chosen to be in the vanguard of this vaccination effort and are in the process of receiving the two doses recommended at this time.

The basic concepts of self-care in daily life and in the Flu/Cold/COVID 19 seasons are simple enough.  You have the option to choose what actions you’ll take and how you respond. Simple things we all can do to mitigate some of the exposure risks to this virus: Masks / social distancing / washing hands / avoiding touching your face with unwashed hands / being careful when out of your home environments. Common sense and hygiene are keys to good health anyway!


If you have any questions or interest in seeing what KCFPD 14 is about… Please don’t hesitate to contact any of our volunteers or come to an activity or drill night. Our regular schedule starts at 7 PM every 1st, 2nd and 4th Tuesday of any month ! Feel free to contact me at mcmackint@gmail.con or 509-365-2786 for more information !


The 2020 Firefighter Appreciation Dinner had to be canceled last March, due to COVID-19. The firefighters still got their awards, of course, even without the dinner. (You can see them at The following are from my notes for comments I had planned to make after the awards ceremony. They are presented here in priority order and in a less rough-cut version of my extemporaneous presentation… 


Significant Others / Spouses / Families

  • First and foremost, to all of you in the homes of each of our firefighters
  • Your time, support, love and consideration for your firefighter is critical and serves as an extension of our mission of caring for our communities!

Each and Every One of you Volunteers

  • Each and every one who who shifts gears and moves to help…when the pager calls! 
  • Shout Out! to Fred Henchell, Rocky Schultz and ‘anonymous’ High Prairie residents for their generous donations to High Prairie in your direct support of our firefighters.


Chief Darland and Chief McCune – Our CEOs!

  • For all of the time your brains and both differentials are in gear:
  • Morale – Keeping your volunteers engaged / our safety as a priority / our equipment operational
  • Business – Crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s!
  • Commitment – Your willingness and physical efforts to answer the call – above and beyond!
  • Responsibility – Taking on the position of being who and where the buck stops!

Chief Darland… and by extension his wife, Sue!

  • You’ve carried all of the aforementioned qualities to your service to the HP Community.
  • Even under the pressures of your responsibilities for the Army Corp of Engineers, you’ve managed tasks and worked tirelessly to maintain your commitment to us all.
  • Your organizational skill sets serve us well in the fire hall and on the fireground!


Ms. Glenna Scott, our High Prairie Secretary and Office Administrator Extraordinaire – Thank you for your dedication and the moxie you bring to the chores of administering and organizing things for Tim and the rest of us (aka ‘Herding the cats!’). Your work is invaluable in helping us be safe, more efficient and effective in our mission.

Our Fire Commissioners – James Amery, Philip Haner, and Anthony Perry – who work diligently, as our elected fire officials, to keep the wheels on the rigs going around and to mind the P’s and Q’s of the codes and requirements of Washington state and Federal agencies.

HP and Lyle Communities – for your recognition and continuing support!

‘THANK YOU to all y’all!’

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