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Ken Hansen

“Oktoberfest”, which occurred last October 5-6 at the HPCC Community Center, was a SUCCESS!  A “first” for HPCC and the community was a “Beer/Wine Garden.”  (The overlay of state permits, additional insurance, server training and safety/security needs was also a change from past Firehouse Sales). The weather was cooperative, but the cold limited outdoor activities. 

I have prepared a detailed spreadsheet of income/expenses, and a copy is posted in the Community Center. Gross income from the Oktoberfest was $7,636.00, including donations. After expenses, HPCC was able to present the Fire Commissioners with a check for 100% of net profits, $2,382.83!  This will help fund their need for Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA’s). Note that a substantive amount of Oktoberfest “expenses” were for one-time “capital” outlays, such as an outdoor dance floor and theme decorations, which it’s anticipated will be reused. 

Once again, a too-small group of volunteers worked tirelessly to pull off an outsized event! THANK YOU for your efforts to support your community!  Much of the food and all of the beer and wine were solicited by and/or donated by local volunteers and vendors. 

Oktoberfest volunteers and the HPCC Board have fielded supportive public feedback for the continuance of this event. We also recognize opportunities to improve this (or similar fundraiser events) in the future. The HPCC Board is soliciting community feedback on the continuation/improvement of Oktoberfest or a similar event. All Oktoberfest 2019 volunteers are invited to an Appreciation, Dessert & Discussion evening coming in February (see sidebar). Not an Oktoberfest volunteer? Send your thoughts to Sharon Aleckson at

HPCC recognizes that the High Prairie community donates in many ways. We receive a significant amount of donations via automatic payroll deductions. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, HPCC can directly funnel your donation to local community support and fire protection. We thank those who are currently doing so!  

You can also donate to HPCC through your shopping at Fred Meyer, while also maintaining all of your personal benefits. Stop by the customer service center to sign up!  We receive substantial income through this program. also has a program for giving a small percentage of every purchase to the charity of your choice. Look into signing up for Smile Amazon.

HPCC Happenings

HPCC received a thank-you from the Lyle Lions for our community’s $200 donation to their Christmas Food Basket program. Every year the HPCC contributes to their effort.

Keep tuned to the HPCC agenda/minutes. The HPCC Board has committed to investigating transitioning toward a more effective “one-stop”/user-friendly/web-based forum for information sharing. Thanks to High Prairian editor Gwen Berry for shepherding these efforts!  

The HPCC Board is also considering going to a quarterly or bi-monthly schedule for community meetings. A priority of the Board is to provide meaningful and engaging speakers, as well as opportunities for community involvement! Toward this goal, the January 23 HPCC meeting (7PM, Community Center) will feature our own District 2 County Commissioner, Dave Sauter, who will provide an update of county issues as well as provide a forum for community discussion. We have several more very interesting speakers in the queue. As always, the Board invites community feedback. 

And finally, High Prairie is perhaps uniquely blessed to have a benefactor-based Fire Hall/Community Center with usable adjacent land. (We are indebted to and again thank Myrin and Audrey Bentz, who donated the property!)  The HPCC Board and Fire Commissioners are currently refining an updated comprehensive agreement to most effectively administer this valuable community asset. Community involvement is certainly encouraged!  It is hoped this process will address a longstanding need to clarify roles and responsibilities in jointly forwarding the community’s interests.

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