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Ken Hansen, HPCC Treasurer

Like my neighbors, I was shocked and saddened to learn of the sudden passing of Jake Jakabosky. You will learn more about Jake from others in this issue, but among other roles, Jake served as a volunteer fireman with Fire District 14. I personally wish I had gotten to know Jake better…  

I want to acknowledge both Jake and Gwen specifically for their volunteer service to their High Prairie community. Gwen serves as the editor for the High Prairian. Theirs’s is a true example of volunteerism. 

Volunteers are what make this community one of the reasons Deb and I chose to settle here for the duration of our lives. This service is part of the web that ties our rolling geography into a neighborhood and a community. 

Neighbors volunteer to serve with the High Prairie fire department and the Community Council for various reasons. Recently Roberta Cockeram resigned as a director with the Community Council. Her participation on the board and wise counsel will be missed. Like Gwen and Jake, they too are a two-volunteer family; Ward has been a volunteer firefighter with Fire District 14. Thank you, Roberta and Ward, for your service to your neighbors. Fair winds and following seas to you on your next steps. 

Cynthia Henchell (who I tortured by pushing deadlines) stepped in to edit this edition of the High Prairian. Thanks Cynthia! A small number of our neighbors are conducting the services provided by these organizations. Each loss of a volunteer hits both the organization and our small community disproportionately hard. The High Prairie Community Council is lacking a president, and consists of just 4 people. Future losses will likely result in dissolution of the HPCC. 

Jake Jakabosky said it himself: “I volunteer because I like helping friends and neighbors on High Prairie and being part of a great team.” Think about how and where you might benefit or give back to your own life and family, and the community, by volunteering to the Community Council or Fire District 14. 

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