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Ken Hanson, HPCC Treasurer

Perhaps like many of us this time of year, I am perpetually trying to catch up and address the priority items on my list. Even after spending 30 years living in Alaska, I still find the short days to both physically and emotionally limit my daily to-do list and activities. The holiday season affords an opportunity to take time (or make time…) to reflect on our blessings and reconnect with family, friends and community. 

While our neighbors lost an un-occupied home to fire; as a community, High Prairie has much to be thankful for. As you are reading this High Prairian, community volunteers have stepped in. We are thankful to have our editor Gwen Berry resting and recovering from black-ice related injuries which easily could have ended differently! As I write this (at absolute deadline…), I am watching the day dawn over Dillacourt Canyon and our Community Center. I mentally overlay the images we have recently seen of Paradise CA and other areas. Neighbors; as we know, High Prairie is also textbook “Wildland-Urban Interface.” We recognize the potential of an errant spark in our late summer Gorge winds… Our volunteer fire department and first responders will be who run to defend our community. Look out your own window and think about which version of “Paradise” you would like to see in the future. Supporting these volunteers is personally important to me, and a primary focus of the High Prairie Community Council.   

To this end, I am looking forward to our HP Community Brunch on January 12. I will be preparing and serving food. In the past, I was a member of a group of men who prepared a recurring breakfast, and I still fondly recall the times we shared. Mark your calendars and think about how YOU can extend your post-holiday community fellowship by not only attending, but volunteering to help make this event and our community happen. If you want to help prepare and cook, you can call me directly. Event details are provided elsewhere in the High Prairian. I am also hoping to have made time to install and premiere the new wall display system recently purchased for the Community Center.  

As we are in the home stretch of holiday giving, don’t forget HPCC benefits when you do your shopping through Amazon Smile. “High Prairie Community Council” has an account, and can be located by entering this in the field to support your charity of choice. On a similar note, if you are a Fred Meyer shopper, remember you can support HPCC while ALSO still receiving your regular benefits. Stop by the service center on the way in next time to sign up. 

I am negotiating to have a special speaker for the February HPCC meeting. Mark your calendar. Call that new neighbor down the road and invite them to this meeting. 

Merry Christmas!

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