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Ken Hansen, HPCC Treasurer

The Paradox of “Thank You…”

rned value of a well-placed and heartfelt “thank you.” I found this equally important when collaborating with others in volunteer activities, such as youth sports and scouting. Perhaps like most of us, honestly, my practice often fell short of my ideal. 

As new residents seeking community similar to what we were leaving after 30 years in Alaska, we viewed HPCC as a venue for integrating into the community. Like any small-town community/church/volunteer organization, we soon eased up against that bell-shaped curve of human expectation v. participation. As new community members, we will hope against inevitability to remember this lesson in our service to HPCC.

In meeting our neighbors, we learned that some were active in HPCC, while others had made substantive past volunteer investments and were in various states of cycling-on to other things. Others just “ghosted-along,” for varying reasons. Perhaps not shockingly; I heard a recurrent theme in our neighbors’ reluctance to either hang in there or volunteer in the first place. Ultimately, this boiled down to some permutation of feeling chronically under-appreciated and/or improperly thanked or not thanked for their past efforts. 

I don’t mean this to be an e-elephant tossed in the room. Like perhaps most of us in volunteer service, l also grapple with this.  As example: (and with the best of intentions), I made a specific effort to publicly thank “all” of the volunteers who had been a part of a recent successful 1-day HPCC fundraiser. Despite my gentle and ranging inquiries, the list of names on my desktop (like a cold-case file) stalled in what I irritatingly knew was an incomplete state. For days I wrestled with the balance of publicly thanking many or most, but risking neglecting others. In the end, the note went unsent.

I’d like to say I eventually resolved this conundrum, but I did not. For myself, I appreciate the occasional nod for my efforts, and I will try to share my appreciation for those who help make High Prairie the special community it is!

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Thank you to Ken and Jocelyn Weeks for their recent donation to HPCC and Fire District #14. They specifically wanted to recognize the first responders who answered their need.

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As you begin your holiday shopping, don’t forget to use the High Prairie account at Amazon. We receive a substantial benefit back from this program. Here is the link:  https://smile.amazon.com/ch/91-2078267

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It looks like Fall 2019 will be a fun, busy, and rewarding time for the High Prairie community – after much consideration, lots of ideas, and the enthusiasm of some key volunteers, the HPCC Board voted last week to make an OCTOBERFEST celebration next year’s big fundraiser.

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