Further Thoughts On Firehouse Sale

Audrey Bentz

There have been a sizable number of residents who put in so many hours/days of volunteer work, to make this annual event a major way to support our firefighters and upkeep of the community center. We all benefit—especially for the fire protection of our homes and land. Therefore we need to let these generous people, some who have been giving scores of hours over the past 17 years, a huge thank you for their ongoing gift of time and abilities.

The best way we can thank them, is for all of us to give of our own time next year. If everyone contributed at least 5–10 hours, we may alleviate the huge responsibility on a few (some are growing old you know!). You will be hearing for a response early next year!


High Prairie Fire Chief Tim Darland, in a May 10 email:

The Fire Commissioners and myself greatly appreciate all of the community’s efforts to make this the best firehouse sale ever!  Keep up the great work and a sincere “Thank You” for volunteering your time and energy for the benefit of the HPCC and Fire Department!

From an email note received on May 16:

To Deborah and all chairmen and their committees—a special thank you for the great High Prairie Fire Sale again this year. When I arrived early on Friday, those in charge were doing last minute set-ups with quiet laughter and joy which I found incredible.  And it was so much fun being a part of it all.  Thank you to all of you… Gail Amery

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