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  1. Hello Amanda, Taylor told me I should contact you. I’m with the Columbia Basin College Wellness Club, and we are looking for sustainable farms to tour.
    We are very interested in learning about best practices, local farming, and how we can support and participate in business’ with your values.
    Feel free to e-mail me. I look forward to hearing from you!

    Betsy Sullivan

  2. Hi Neighbors. We don’t do Facebook so can’t post to there. The DW and I have long wondered the answer to a question: What WAS the name of the road that goes up the the far north side of HP from Swale Canyon? It goes off Schilling on what is now named Lover’s Lane and continues further as Carrigg road to our drive then hooks to the south and up hill until it gets to the top. I think the main structure up there was the bunk house for the Schilling ranch way back but there were possibly other structures up there in early times. We have heard that it was a county road until Schilling road was completed from the north to the top and then the old road was abandoned in favor of Schilling.

    Anyone have an old map or a rumor of how that trail was known?

    • If Steve and I are correct, we think you are talking about the road that forks off Schilling Road about 1/2-3/4 up from the Klickitat River. If so it goes up to what we knew as “the Brookes Place”. Then continues southwest to the “Snyder Place”. Continues west connecting to Schilling Road about 3 miles north of the Centerville Hwy. the Schilling place never went that far east FYI. We did farm it, but never owned it.

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