2013 Water Use Survey Results

In 2013 we issued a water use survey to residents of High Prairie.

The responses show a broad awareness of the limited water available on High Prairie and offer a variety of creative strategies being employed by our neighbors to conserve that limited resource.

Less than half said they had been affected by the issue of water availability on High Prairie, but all reported they were doing things to conserve water.

Most said that with more information they’d try some new things, particularly in the areas of rainwater catchment systems, using greywater, drought-resistant landscaping, and low-water gardening.

All respondents had some degree of concern about water availability here, with most concerns focusing on local water use practices, potential development, and county and state water policies.

They all pretty much agreed that, since the issue of water availability can affect all of us, and we all have an effect on it, we would benefit from addressing the issue together.

The complete survey results can be downloaded here.