Good Lighting

Audrey Bentz

Summer is the time of year that those of us who are lucky enough to live here really appreciate High Prairie’s dark skies and beautiful star show. All summer we love to gaze at the Milky Way and stunning planets, which most people on our planet can no longer enjoy. Soon, in August, we will experience the marvelous Perseid meteor shower. 

We all want effective lighting in the dark, for safety’s sake, but that does not require expensive lighting that soars to the sky and reduces our beautiful night vision in High Prairie.

The old outdoor 175 watt lights triple your PUD bills if left on during the night, and most of their light is wasted on illuminating the sky, minimizing visibility on steps to the door   way and irritating the neighbors!  Spendy globe lights cause glare for residents and also passing cars. 

Now there are many varieties of “good lights” available that cost less to burn and are more efficient at directing light to crucial darkened areas at night. For example, shielded fixtures that use amber LED bulbs will force the light to go downward (where it is needed); will provide safe lighting; will reduce PUD bills; and will allow High Prairie to boast of awesome night exposure to stars and planets.

August 12 will be the high point for the Perseid meteor shower this year (because of darkened moonlight), but after 10 pm on any day through all of August will provide great entertainment!  And the Milky Way is spectacular all summer. Thanks to those of you who help keep High Prairie famous for its night sky vision.

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