Barbara Parrish for Director, Ben Parrish 

As a project to keep us busy during the Covid-19 Pandemic, Ben and I decided to take on restoring the storage shed at the Cemetery. We got the OK from the Board and away we went with repairing and painting. This all started on April 24th, with a goal of having it completed by the Cemetery Work Day, scheduled for May 23rd, just before Memorial Day. We would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all who came on the 23rd, giving up a beautiful Saturday morning to help with the weed eating and mowing. Thanks to the following: 

Ben Parrish, repairing the shed, mowing, painting, moving dirt & gravel 
Barb Parrish, scraping old paint, weeding, painting, making the sign 
Helen Kearns, helping with scraping the old paint 
Pat Kent, painting the trim, weed eating, helping paint the sign 
Sharon Edwards, cleaning family grave site 
David Strait, hours of weed eating 
Steve Ridgeway, many hours pulling weeds and weed eating 
Keith Christianson, cleaning his family grave and others 
Doug Taylor, brought his tractor and brush hog, moving burning pile 
Bill Stallings, cleaning graves and trimming bushes 
Eric and Theresa Shrum, pulling weeds and weed eating, trimming bushes 
Tom Rodriguez, cleaning graves and weed eating 
Yakama Nation, 6 carloads, cleaned & re-decorated their family graves 
Thanks also to Bill McDonald who was hired to spray paint the building. 

The work party was from 9:00-2:00 with people coming and going. I hope I have not left anyone off the list. Many have probably done some work that I am not aware of – thank you! The saying “Many hands make light work” really applies to this day. It was done in no time at all (5 hours). Once again, thanks to all!! 

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