Submissions Policy



The High Prairian is now published in three versions: the traditional paper format (printed and mailed, available by subscription), an electronic version of the traditional format (available via email), and an expanded online version posted on the High Prairie website ( We put out 4 issues per year – a winter/spring edition (usually mid-March), a mid-June edition, a mid-September edition, and an early December edition.

We invite everyone to submit photographs, articles, poetry and other writings by emailing them to Generally, the submission deadline is 1 to 2 weeks prior to publication. You can get the specific deadline for each edition by emailing to the above address. We will do our best to fit all submissions into the current newsletter, but occasionally we’ll hold something for the next issue.

Our traditional format is only 8 pages and has several recurring items, so we have limited space. If you’re writing an article, please limit it to 400 to 500 words (or less) unless you have arranged in advance for something longer. However, there’s lots of room in the online version of the newsletter; so you can also send an addendum with further information, links to websites, pictures, and so forth, that readers will be able to see online along with your article.

Written submissions will be edited only for spelling, grammar and minor clarifications. If further changes need to be made (such as trimming down a long article or providing more information), we will suggest modifications or ask writers to revise their own work. Questions regarding content will be decided by the High Prairian ‘staff’ as a group.

Our editing goal is to produce a newsletter that writers and readers can be proud of, while celebrating the individual styles and voices of our writers.

If you have any questions or comments, please call 509-365-0025 or send an email to