High Prairie Area Changing

Doug Taylor

August 2005

To demonstrate the changes in both roads and residences in the last several years, we was visiting with a former resident now living in The Dalles, OR They mentioned of touring the Prairie and trying to find their former home, without success. This of course tickled my funny bone, but realizing there have been many changes and never thinking one could get lost on High Prairie

The main road has been shortened over the years, along with paving. With many side roads and visible housing built along many of the roads.

Traffic has increased, with many from the Goldendale, Yakima area using the Centerville Hwy as a short cut to Lyle and beyond, instead of using the Maryhill river route. I have seen many vehicles towing boats going through, an interesting sight to me as generally there were no neighbors using boats in the old days to do their farm work.

With the population increase of people and homes, also brought an increase of the four-legged variety. Deer seem to love our roses, shrubs and fruit trees.

We are seemingly getting an increase of cougars also, who love the deer.

Have noticed coyotes not only coming in the yard at night, but the occasional one coming in during the day. Looking for some easy pickings, I suppose, such as an unfortunate cat or unlucky chicken.

Land prices here, although increasing considerable in the last few years, still seem quite reasonable compared to western Washington prices.

We had last year one of the driest winters, one can remember. Then along came the spring rains, growing an abundance of grass. Now we are into another dry spell, with tinder dry conditions. We have been fortunate that we have had no range fires. A thanks especially to everyone being careful and lightning has been to a minimum.

Follow-up, 2020

Deer population down tremendously, but predators still problem even seem more variety.

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