High Prairie’s Oktoberfest 2019

Diane Cazalet

I want to share a few of the photos I took at the High Prairie Oktoberfest. Many of the volunteers were beautifully dressed for the occasion. What a fun time we had!  

This was the first time our community had put on this event and it was both a fun and successful fundraiser. The heated beer garden tent was beautifully decorated and lit, with white string lights, colorful steins filled with flowers and volunteers dressed in old German dress. It was enjoyed by many until the closing hours on both days. The lively local bands entertained us throughout the event while many of us danced on the newly constructed dance floor. The community center was filled with local vendors, German food (including Myrin’s famous brats), a tent for children’s activities and a bake sale of cakes, pies and cookies made by members of our community. 

This event had been in the planning stages for months earlier, involving not only many committee meetings but dozens of details that needed to be worked out well in advance. Truckloads of dirt were brought in and tractors used to level the ground between the band and the various tents outside. A removable dance floor was newly constructed by a few community members and made to be disassembled and stored for future events. Many volunteers required specific training and licenses for the serving of alcoholic beverages in the beer garden. There was planning for food to be served, and some was solicited from local businesses weeks earlier. A stage for the bands was planned with all the equipment needed to help project the sound and with tents set up for sitting areas adjacent to the band. 

A group of community members made many trips to local businesses soliciting donations of beer and wine. Advertising with local newspapers, talks on radio stations, and flyers made for this event by volunteers got the word out. Many signs were made for publicity and directing traffic. The community center was colorfully decorated both inside and out. Vendor spaces were assigned and coordinated with the other activities inside. Volunteer help was recruited for directing the parking during the event. Set-up and take-down of tents and decorations were done by volunteers, as well as clean-up of the kitchen and community center.

I could go on and on, but these are some, though not all, of the things that had to be done before having a successful Oktoberfest. I just would like to emphasize to all community members just how much goes on before and after an event like this. This work and planning cannot be done by just a few people. We need to get as many of us involved as possible. 

We have a unique community and I, for one, have found that these events we work on together are very rewarding,  They not only bring us the needed money to support the maintenance of the community center and volunteer fire department but they help us to meet and work with our neighbors. When we work and socialize together we become more understanding and supportive of each other. We get a double reward. I strongly urge all of the community members to get involved in future events and activities. Many hands makes a lighter load for those who shoulder the responsibility of chairing events. It is well worth it. 

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High Prairie’s Oktoberfest 2019 — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you Diane for your lovely article. The Oktoberfest was a delight. I was so privileged to have met you there, and was happy to purchase three of the lovely quilts you had for sale. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Folks were friendly, the music fun, and a more worthy cause I couldn’t think of. I hope future High Prairie events turn out as well as this one.

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