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Well, the first half of the year is behind us, and the rest of the year is shrouded in the fog of Covid-19. The last High Prairian was in early April, and the Board had lost some valued members and added others. We had announced a new schedule of meetings for 2020, but little did we realize that there would be no HPCC Board meetings or members’ meetings in the coming 3 months and no clear idea when they would begin again. HPCC’s activities have come to a screeching halt like everything else.

Still, we would like to look forward to a time when we can safely share time with others in the High Prairie community. In April, we mentioned the idea of exploring plans for 2 or 3 community picnics/potlucks. That idea is still attractive even as safe picnic weather looks more questionable. It is difficult to imagine that we would feel comfortable gathering in the next 2 months. 

However, we have the time to explore new ideas and to solicit the thoughts of the High Prairie community. So below are some ideas that the Board has floated – all subject to a time in which the community feels safe, which is likely to be sometime after Olympia says we are. 

a. Community Picnic: Outside at the community center. Hot Dogs/Sausage, Potato salad and picnic fixings. Grandfather/grandson baseball throw. Musical chairs type cakewalk, using bases instead of chairs, last one standing gets a donated cake! Etc.

b. Movie Night: In the community center. Monthly or semi-monthly, January through March. Showing the classics of each decade past. Snacks and desserts.

c. Celebrate Getting Together After Covid-19: In the community center. A Community Night with activities to include all ages. Mask Contest – make at home and wear to event (think Mardi Gras NOT Coronavirus!) Prizes for gold, silver, bronze winners.

Crafty project night – Family adults and children make a project that they will take home. Winner takes the cake.

d. Open Mike Night Anyone: Any possible takers??? Reminiscences, Comedy, History of High Prairie…

e. The History of High Prairie / Klickitat County: Speakers, snacks and desserts. 

These are ideas the Board members are kicking around, but we want to know what sounds fun to you. Send us any ideas you have, and please vote now on which of above would be your first, second, or third choices. You can also vote zero, for any or all of them. Zero means ‘no way, no how’ would you be interested. 

Reply via mail to HPCC PO Box 592, Lyle, WA 98635; via Email to hgerhard@renw.co (that’s co not com); or you may also call 360-518-1697. Thanks! We look forward to getting your feedback!

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