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Ken Hansen

Your High Prairie Community Council (HPCC) funded the food for the recent dedication of the Shilling Road fire station. It was a very nice ceremony. As a dedication gift, HPCC also funded the new signs for both of the fire stations. Thanks to those who made this ceremony happen, and those who attended.

The Community Council is pursing needed upgrades to the Community Center kitchen. We are investigating how we can apply for a grant to fund  most of the desired improvements. The board has recognized the opportunities presented by improving the community center to better position the facility for its potentially critical role in supporting future local disasters, such as wildfires, Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquakes, road closures, etc. Substantial funding exists to provide for kitchen improvements and beyond. If you have experience and would like to assist in preparing future grant applications, please contact me.

With an eye toward both short- and long-term goals, HPCC approved expenditures of not to exceed $2,500 for filling of dangerous holes, grading the slopes and reseeding of the west yard area of the Community Center. (We worked with Chief Darland to consider leach fields, etc). The outcome will be a safer and friendlier space for community use. The work is in progress. Thanks to Summit Excavation of Dallesport. Kudos to Chris Sattem for overseeing this project. 

We have had disappointing turnouts for our monthly HPCC meetings and our guest speakers. Those who missed the recent speaker from Insitu (speaking about drone use in local wildfires) missed a great presentation! We are working to bring interesting and topical speakers to our meetings. If you have suggestions for speakers of community interest, please send the info my way.

The July HPCC meeting will feature Officer Cale Myers and another of our local “Game Wardens”, as well as our local game biologist, from Washington Dept of Fish and Wildlife. They will be prepared to address topics such as the ebbs and flows of deer and mountain lions, the turkey issue, feeding of deer and any other topics of community concern. Please come with your questions, it should be a lively Q & A session!

The weekend of October 5–6, HPCC will be hosting Octoberfest and a beer garden. This will be our major fundraiser for HPCC and Fire District 14. Please keep this on your calendar to either attend or perhaps, join the fun and volunteer. More to follow by email.

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