HPCC: Look back 16 years

High Prairie Neighborhood Association

Douglas Taylor 

The High Prairie Boosters was the first community group to organize after our fire district was formed in the early 1980’s. It’s purpose was to support the fire district though fund-raising and community events. The Boosters eventually disbanded and a non-profit, non-political organization was founded for the benefit of all High Prairians to work together to shape the future of this growing community. Over the last five years the Association has been ably led by Martha Hamil, who is retiring this year. 

The Association has undertaken projects that benefit the community as well as the fire district. Two committees were appointed to work on both building design and grant funding for a community center. This project was undertaken originally to separate community functions from emergency operations at the fire hall. Other projects include a new, insulated addition to the fire hall, siding, finishing the electrical, and walkway for the fire hall. The members have cleaned and hauled rubbish from the water fill-up site, installed fence posts, and designed the community building. 

Volunteers have built picnic tables, and built and sold birdhouses and feeders to raise funds for other community projects. They have contributed many hours to the annual Firehouse Sales, which has built a considerable fund toward the making the community center a reality, as well as equipping our fire crew and supporting other community organizations. The association has donated funds to send 4-H members on a national sponsored trip, send the youth group to OMSI in Portland, and contributed funds for the annual Christmas basket sponsored by the Lyle Lion’s Club. The organization was instrumental in working with the county to install guardrails and stripe a fog line on our local county roads. 

At the September meeting of the HPNA a different suggestion was presented to the group that included building a four-bay fire station and meeting building on Struck Road and a separate fire hall on Schilling Road. This would be funded, in part, by issuing a 25-year bond. With this plan the present fire hall on Centerville Highway would be declared surplus and sold. Any funds obtained from the sale would be put toward the new building. The Community Association requested additional research into costs be done and the results brought back to the January meeting. 

The October meeting finalized the change of name from High Prairie Neighborhood Association to High Prairie Community Council. The nominations of officers was also accepted to be voted on in December. To see minutes of HPCC and Fire District visit the High Prairie web site: www.highprairie.us. 

(Note: The website no longer maintains the minutes of the HPCC or the Fire District.)

Grass widows. Harbingers of Spring — not long now.
Photo: Gwen Berry

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