Lone Pine Cemetery Cleanup

Barbara Parrish

On the 5th of May a like-minded group of concerned friends and family, assembled at the Hartland/Lone Pine Cemetery in High Prairie, Washington. They had gathered there to assess and resolve the damage caused by the, “Old Lone Pine”, having lost its head during the winter, leaving havoc amongst the tombstones. It was with some anxiety the ground was cleared enough to assertain the extent of the damage. Providentially, though stones were toppled from their places, none seemed to have sustained lasting damage. With much care and caution the work proceeded, and with the aid of two able sawyers, and many helping hands, the troublesome remains of the pine were soon reduced to manageable heaps. 

It was sadly found however, that the stalwart oak that had cushioned the fall of the mighty pine top, thus sparing several tombstones at its feet, had suffered too harshly from the fall of the pine, and could not be spared. This was a ticklelish business, and the men with keen insight, after some discussion, climbing of ladders, tying off of straps, ropes, and usage of tackle and pulley, resolved upon a simpler plan, and brought down the oak with the aid of just a chainsaw, rope, tie-strap, and truck winch. Down it came with a resounding thump, missing the tombstones, and bringing a cheer from the convivial bunch watching from the safety of the sidelines.

After several hours of labor, it was with happier hearts the tired group, rejoicing in the outcome of their united efforts, shook hands and parted ways, promising to return and continue the woody clean up on another day.

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