Observatory Night—Third Time’s The Charm

Audrey Bentz and James Day

We try again on the 30th of June—the weather didn’t cooperate last month, and we wanted to have the best viewing possible for this amazing gift of a world-renowned observatory in our “back yard.”

Another advantage, by then the Goldendale Observatory’s 24.5 inch reflector should be in its new configuration as a Newtonian with a new mirror that will increase the quality of the image. Visit the website www.goldendaleobservatory.com for the latest information.

On June 30, prepare to meet at the Community Center at 7:30 p.m. We will ride in cars together for efficient carpooling, or you can meet the group at the Observatory before 8:30 p.m. Bring a Discovery Pass if you have one; one for each car will get us all in without any further charge. Please dress warmly as temperatures may still drop quickly after dark.

What will we observe? The evening of the 30th should be a wonderful display of the planets of Jupiter, Mars and Saturn for the evening presentation beginning at 8:30 p.m. After a brief introduction to the planets in the theatre room we should have the opportunity to view the planets through the telescopes in and around the large dome. There will be excellent views of Saturn with its rings around it —Saturn will be only 539 million miles from planet Earth that night. We may see some details on planet Mars and also the four moon of Jupiter. As an option, we can stay until the best viewing after 10 p.m. We’ll get beautiful views of the Milky Way, and the sights may include planetary nebula and globular clusters not visible without telescopes. These are best viewed in the truly dark skies which are available and protected in our area.

Please call or email me, Audrey Bentz, if you are planning to go so I can contact you if anything changes. 509-365-3600 or amsong@gorge.net.

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