Special Birding Shelter Planned As Memorial

Gwen Berry

I wish to thank everyone for the outpouring of kindness and concern over the loss of Jake Jakabosky, my husband. I couldn’t be in a better place than this supportive community.

Several people have expressed to me that Jake’s unexpected death left an unexpectedly large hole in our community. They wished there were some personal way to respond to that loss. The idea came up to build a memorial to Jake, something that would evoke Jake’s life and his place in the community.

After much thought, the perfect project came to mind. What could be more appropriate than a bird blind for a birder like Jake, especially one that anyone in the community could use for bird watching, quiet contemplation, and other activities, that would be a valuable addition to the Fire District’s Struck Road property. The response has been enthusiastic. So, in appreciation for Jake himself, the friendships he made, and the place he held in the community, a bird blind/shelter will be built overlooking the beautiful little pond on Myrin and Audrey Bentz’s property.

The project is already under way. The Fire Commissioners have put their stamp of approval on the idea. Architect Rick Carlson is working on some preliminary designs. A GoFundMe account has been opened to accept donations (https://tinyurl.com/Memorial-to-Jake). There will be plenty of hands-on help needed, too. 

It eases my loss when I envision such a memorial to Jake taking shape through the efforts of people who thought so highly of him, and I look forward to seeing his community enjoying it when it’s finished.

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