Tribute to Jake

Diane Cazalet and Bill Stallings

Jake Jakabosky died quite suddenly Wednesday, June 5th, of methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

Oh Jake! We never spent much time thinking about how important you have been to us. We knew it was nice to have you as a neighbor, nice to have someone to query about flora and fauna, nice to see you at community events, nice to have you show up all garbed when Bill unwittingly lit our field on fire.

You have been such a stalwart member of this community. For nearly twelve years you were a dedicated volunteer fireman receiving the Fire Chief’s award more than once for your professionalism and reliable work.

It seems that everything you took on to do, whether it was to inform us in Fire Lines articles for the High Prairian newsletter, or helping Gwen hang signs, or traffic control for our fundraising events, or irrigating the community garden, you did it and you did it well. You were too easy to take for granted.

You were quiet and unpretentious. We listened when you spoke as you always had something interesting or important to say. We listen now for a sound to fill a void we had no idea would exist without you, because we never thought you would not be in our community.

A rock in our foundation is missing. A decent soul upon whom we rely without thinking is gone. He was our friend and we are so sad.

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