We Know You Are Patiently Waiting

But the wait is over! The Summer High Prairian is finally out. Inside you will find a rundown of the 2017 Firehouse Sale; accounts of the great Hartland Road Fire and greater still efforts of the fire crews that got it under control; turkeys (!); lots of photos (especially if you read online); and, of course, much more.



Download this edition to print/view at your leisure
or read online.


We Know You Are Patiently Waiting — 1 Comment

  1. Hi Gwen…
    I was in a very bad accident and since I was away from Yahoo for so long (in hospital, etc., Yahoo canceled me and I lost my contact list there. Now have Gmail.
    If it is not past deadline and you want something on TURKEYS,get back to me with Email, phone, your last name, etc.
    Note new email at Gmail. New phone: 1-506-8685-5784. Am still in Tamarundo, but bedridden…now with walker and learning how to walk again…long story, but lucky to be alive.
    Get back to me please…!!!

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